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Caroline Stanbury: "Ladies of London" Costars "Ganged Up" on Me This Season

The British are coming ... and they're bringing the drama!

On Tuesday, Bravo's loyal subjects will travel across the pond to catch up with their favorite UK socialites and American expats for another season of extravagance, glamour and, of course, fireworks on "Ladies of London."

Ahead of tonight's Season 3 premiere, we caught up with our favorite star of the reality series, Caroline Stanbury, who spoke candidly about her relationships with the other cast members.

While Annabelle Neilson will not be returning for a third season, two of Caroline's longtime friends -- soon-to-be ex sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury, and friend Adela King -- will join the ladies as permanent cast members.

And though the women join the show as Caroline's buddies, it doesn't mean things stay that way. In fact, Stanbury tells toofab's Sonali Lodhia she actually had a falling-out with both women, who she says she "really thought would have been my biggest champions."

Viewers first got to know the other Stanbury last season, when Sophie appeared on a few episodes as Caroline's sister-in-law. However, this season finds Sophie in the midst of a divorce from Caroline's brother, Alex Stanbury, leading to a strain on the two women's relationship.

"Sophie is going through some stuff at the moment," Stanbury tells toofab, adding that she's backed away from Sophie. "It's my brother and at the end of the day the lines are blurred."

As for the new blonde on the scene, the British beauty explains that she's "known Adela for years and years and years. Right now [our friendship] is not in the best place, but it's interesting; it blows hot and cold." She calls the fall-out between them "the hardest one."

When asked about a reconciliation, Caroline graciously states, "Never say never, I mean time always heals. I'm not around [she currently splits her time between London and Dubai], I'm not really interacting with them right now. I'm sure it will be fine; I just want my space."

"They're very clique-y," she adds of her costars. "These girls have just discovered each other and when the shows on or off they just want to live and breathe each other and that's just not what I want to do."


Caroline also discusses her ongoing tiff with cast member Julie Montagu, explaining, "Julie and I always get on better as soon as the cameras are gone. But this season was the hardest I've had with Julie, definitely. She grew that set of balls I wanted her to get!"

"She wants everybody's approval and I really felt this season that her ultimate goal was to just turn everybody against [me], she wanted everything I had down to Luke, which I found really, really, really difficult filming," she adds.

"I think that the girls forgot -- because I don't ask for their help and I'm not interested in getting cuddles from them all -- but I had just lost my business and I wasn't as strong as I normally am, and I was coping with legal stuff," Stanbury continues. "They are so absorbed in taking me down at this stage that I think they can't see what I'm going through. I think they all ganged up a lot on me this season and Julie was at the helm."

In the midst of this drama, there are still fun moments to come. Caroline speaks highly of her friendships with her other cast mates Caroline Fleming, Marissa Hermer and, especially, Juliet Angus.

"We just have fun together. I think that Juliet is so misunderstood on the show because as I've said many times it's not what she says but how she delivers it," Stanbury says of Angus. "But she's so much fun and such a good laugh to have around and so easy to travel with."

"A this stage in my life you've got so many problems and different things to go through that when you find someone who is easy and you just have a good time with, you hold onto that person," she adds. "And she is just brilliant fun."

See Stanbury and her costars in action when "Ladies of London" premieres tonight on Bravo!

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