Designer Spotlight

The budding avant garde designer taking over Orange County

Fashion evolves from inspiration, passion, emotion and culture; to have the innate ability to create designs that reflect each of these characteristics is a powerful talent bred from authenticity. Recently, I discovered a budding avant-garde designer, Coral Castillo, who has blown many, including myself, away with her innovative designs.


The “Plane Outfit”

Whether you’re preparing for a family vacation to the Caribbean, a girls trip to Cannes, or an escape to Greece, it is crucial to carefully plan your wardrobe. For the fashionistas out there it’s essential to coordinate appropriate outfits, handbags and shoes to accessorize your trip. Aside from packing a glam wardrobe for your getaway,…


Designer Spotlight: Mahtab Mojab

Today, I want to highlight a new talented emerging handbag designer, Mahtab Mojab, who featured her handbag collection at day one of Orange County Fashion Week (OCFW), “Sunset at Six.” Day one, of OCFW, primarily focused on showcasing two things that a girl simply cannot live without- handbags and jewelry of course! The event took…