Fashion is a representation of society, a record of history, an expression of socialization, and above all fashion is culture. To truly understand the concept of fashion, one must understand that it goes beyond learning about this seasons latest trends; it is a notion that translates into all aspects of life. Its more than sporting labels from head to toe; its about being creative with putting an outfit together, discovering your very own unique look and it’s the ability to put yourself together.

For as long as I can remember I have been enamored with the world of fashion and everything that accompanies; but nothing has fascinated me more than the thick glossy pages that arrived each month like clockwork. Often referred to as the Bible by my mother, I was besotted with the upscale recipe for holistic exposure and insight into current trends; simply known as Vogue. The reason being, fashion should be described as a lifestyle- not solely as the practice of how an individual dresses. Fashion must be understood through its countless different facets.